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New student Registration Opens

Posted 2/07/20

New and returning students can register their childeren for the upcoming 2020 session here.

Sempai Applications are now Open

Posted 1/02/20

Nakayoshi Gakko offers current high school students the opportunity to become a Sempai (senior) student leader. During the two week program, Sempai are an integral part of the session and serve a role models for our students. They have the opportunity to exhibit leadership skills, support the faculty and staff, and receive either volunteer hours or a small stipend (orei). 

Sempai positions are open to any current high school students in the 2019-2020 school year. Current 8th graders are not eligible. 

If you are interested in becoming a Sempai for Nakayoshi Gakko, please visit these links to learn more or to apply:

Role Responsibilities

RETURNING Sempai Application

NEW Sempai Application

Reference Request Form

All applications are due by Sunday, February 17th and will require two non-family personal references also due by that date.

Please email us at if you have any questions or would like more information.

2020 Summer Session Information

Posted 1/02/20


Enclosed is the Nakayoshi Gakko 2020 registration information packet. Please review the information as there are some changes this year.

  • If received on or before February 21, registration fees are $460/student. After that date, registration fees increase to $500/student.
  • If a family fails to meet their volunteer commitments, in addition to losing registration priority, the monetary penalties are now :
    • Classroom work day = $400
    • Committee = $150
    • Maintenance = $150
    • Mountain View Buddhist Temple Obon = $125


Priority-based registration will be carried out according to the following schedule :

  • January 25 - Past Board member children
  • February 1 - Returning children who attended in 2019 and their siblings
  • February 8 - New children


Based on this timeline, the primary billing contacts of families whose students attended the 2019 session will be sent a notification e-mail when their accounts have been unlocked to allow for registration. New families who do not already have JackRabbit accounts can go to the Nakayoshi Gakko website at the beginning of their registration window to click on the link that will take them to the new student registration form.

If your family is returning but did not attend during the 2019 session, you must contact the registrars to ask that your account be unlocked as this will not automatically be done.

Let us know if you do not plan on returning this year as it will help us with determining the final number of spots that we will be offering for each class while we are stack ranking. 

If you no longer want to hear from us in the future, we would be more than happy to move your information to a different part of the registration database at your request.

If your family has not attended Nakayoshi Gakko during the last two sessions, we will automatically inactivate your account unless you email the registrars to request that your family account remain active.  Should you want to reactivate your family account in the future, you will need to email the registrars to request that. 

Sign ups for volunteer requirements (committee, maintenance, and in class work day) will also be done based on enrollment priority via beginning in April after the registration period has ended.

Please remember to submit the Nakayoshi Gakko Registration Payment Form after you have sent in your payment. All payments must be RECEIVED (rather than postmarked) by February 21 to secure your spot.

If paying by Paypal, payments should be sent to : TREASURERNAKAYOSHIGAKKO@GMAIL.COM.

If paying by check, checks should be mailed to:

Nakayoshi Gakko
P.O. Box 390054
Mountain View, CA 94039

Should you have any questions, please send an email to:

Thank you!

Lauren Uyeda & Alisa Nishimoto, Registrars

Friendship School

Nakayoshi Gakko, or "Friendship School" is a two week summer program where children in grades 1 through 8 learn about Japanese culture and tradition. Nakayoshi Gakko provides an opportunity for the children and parents to explore the many aspects of the Japanese-American heritage

Nakayoshi Gakko is a full day program. Morning sessions include art, literature, social studies, and language. Afternoons continue with specialty-subjects. Origami, odori (dance), soroban (abacus), cooking, undokai (P.E.), sumi-e and music have been offered in the past. The Ryu and Tsuru classes have the opportunity to learn taiko and aikido as their specialty subjects. All students enjoy various cultural demonstrations at the end of each day.

We are proud to have a teaching staff of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who are committed to sharing their talents with our children. Nakayoshi Gakko promotes the Japanese concept of mentorship through our Sempais.




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