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Mochi Making Demonstration

Curriculum Objectives
Nakayoshi Gakko offers a full and rich curriculm. After research and review, a three-point mission statement was adopted. This is the basis of our school's goal.

Mission Statement

The following objectives serve as guidelines to achieve the Mission Statement Goals:

The classroom activities will address curriculum objectives through subject areas such as Science, Literature, Music, Foods, Arts and Crafts and History. Other experiences will be provided through all-school demonstrations given by knowledgeable members of our local community. Daily Japanese Language instruction, tailored for each grade level, will be integrated to enrich and reinforce other curriculum goals. Other avenues to enhance learning will be through weekly cooking sessions and Undokai/PE which are enjoyed by children in Japan.

How Nakayoshi Gakko was Started

The vision of starting a Japanese Cultural summer program at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple was initiated by parents who wanted to pass from generation to generation the elements of their own Japanese culture. Armed with just her vision, Temple parent Kathy Fujii presented the concept to the Temple Board. With overwhelming support and great enthusiasm from the Board and participating parents, Nakayoshi Gakko became a reality in June 2000 when it opened its doors to 76 students.

A small volunteer Board was organized in September 1999 comprised of Phyllis Chan, Pat Tomosada, Charlene Temple, Debby Inenaga, Becky Hudson, and Kathy Fujii. Staff recruitment began with the hiring of an experienced Curriculum Director, Kit Nishiura, who both taught and was Director at Medaka no Gakko. Teachers and coordinators were in place by January 2000. Both Board and staff had the objective of putting on a superb program that would make the children, parents, and community happy and proud.

Honorary Board of Directors


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